We Are Tag Retail Systems

Tag Retail Systems are leaders in dynamic and innovative technologies for digital and brick & mortar retailing.

Tag Retail Systems is a technology company passionate about delivering retailers improved business performance with a view to satisfying ever-present demands for cost savings and customer service improvements..

Based in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England, our clients and partners are among some of the biggest names within their sectors in the world. In the modern connected economy we are able to offer our Cloud Services to anywhere with full localisation and support..

In with established toolsets, we typically specialise in intricate, time-crucial projects where our agility allows problems to be analysed and solved quickly and efficiently. With partners and clients including Tesco, Media Markt, Relex, NCR/Retalix, Scandit and Datalogic we’ve dealt with and are currently working on projects and solutions both large and small; whether in-store only, cross estate or even inter-business connectivity..

By way of expanding boundaries, the company has recently moved into the field of ‘next generation’ proactive scan technologies suitable for the likes of Stock Control and Price Verification. Entitled NewVu, our Android-based Application suite challenges traditional ‘point and scan’ processes by significantly accelerating colleague SEL and other stock related tasks..

With the human touch in mind, we support customer relationships by having key personnel with a proven background in both business and technology. Through this approach we endeavour to ensure always talk the customer’s language..