System Integration

Compete system synergy via API development and custom made hardware.

In a technology-driven world it’s a fact that no business solutions today work without a high level of IT systems integration.

It’s just that we all tend to view deliverables in the form of benefits or improvements at the end of a business journey, not the intricacies of the software and various interfaces and platforms that when knitted together support the end-objective.

Whether enabling shopping and queue busting using a mobile device, handling an electrical goods return process or setting up shop-in-shop support services, whilst delivering customer and/or bottom line benefits, all will to a lesser or greater degree involve months of unseen integration work aimed at a seamless end solution.

Notwithstanding normal cyclical hardware and software refreshes, the current trend for retailer consolidation (and the fight back from those left standing alone) provides the biggest challenge for decades as IT departments struggle to find competent resources that can deliver on time and on budget.

As a systems integration specialist supported by a range of enterprise-level Cloud and API services, TRS is able to actively assist with the integration challenges ahead. Whether as a prime contractor or a sub-team, just as we do now, TRS is happy to work on projects of any shape or size, national or international.

For those with PoS hardware and/or software related projects, our extensive knowledge of the till landscape can save time and effort when, as is typical, disparate and/or old and new technologies need to become ‘one’.

Our achievements speak for themselves, as we’ve successfully worked on systems integration projects involving world-leading solution providers such as Diebold Nixdorf, NCR/Retalix, Relex and Zebra Technologies.

Supporting customer objectives, we are also able to provide in-depth knowledge of till peripherals and back office productivity solutions and hence partner with Epson, Datalogic and Scandit.