Systems Integration

Tag Retail Systems have extensive experience in helping to integrate new modern infrastructure and applications to existing legacy architecture that cannot be replaced due to budget or resource constraints. Our past integration work includes API connections, flat file transfers and processing scripts.

Tag Retail Systems (TRS) have a proven track record of creating solid, reliable interface applications between on-premises/Cloud server-based systems or mobile applications to legacy back-office processes via API (Application Programming Interface) connection or flat file transfer.

Our achievements in this field speak for themselves, as we’ve successfully worked on systems integration projects involving world-leading solution providers such as Diebold Nixdorf, NCR/Retalix, Relex, PDI and Zebra Technologies.

As a systems integration specialist supported by a range of enterprise-level Cloud and API services, TRS is able to actively assist with the integration challenges ahead. Whether as a prime contractor or a sub-team, just as we do now, TRS is happy to work on projects of any shape or size, national or international.